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TokyoToys Pocky Pack "CLASSIC" The Original and Best!

This Classic Pocky Pack is perfect for Pock-a-holics, Coco Monkey tucked in x2 Hello Pandas to throw you off guard. So sneaky of him :P Inside you will find an amazing mixture of Japanese snacks. The Image is for reference only and does not reflect the exact snacks you will receive. Our Pocky Packs are made daily instore from available snacks and therefore the exact contents will change and we may even swap out a sold out item for something not in the list below. Possible contents: x2 packets of Random Flavoured Panda Snacks, x2 Premium Flake Pocky (or replaced with x1 Japanese Exclusive limited edition packet, above the value of these), x2 Chocolate Pocky, x2 Strawberry Pocky, x1 Cookies & Cream Pocky, x1 Machta and x1 Banana

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